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Situated on Customs Street, in the heart of Lagos Island central business district is glover Memorial Hall which was once the nation’s premier venue for theatrical enterainment. The client’s brief was to develop the income potential of the site in a way which will contribute to the functioning of the Central Business District of Lagos; to remind us of the historical significance of the Glover Memorial Hall and perpetuate the memories of John Hawley Glover and Madam Efunroye Tinubu and to maintain its continued use for the benefits of the people of Lagos;

To refurbish the hall in order to improve the facilities which it provides, primarily as a theatre, which is still unique in the City today; To enhance the visual environment of Custom Street. Our proposal is an all encompassing solution including; branding; suggesting method by which the theatre might become financially self-sufficient; drawing upon historical references; and a careful consideration of the existing structure and its implications on the surrounding street-scape.

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