Integrated Approach

We evaluate design problems holistically with an integrated team based philosophy and then test strategies with an interdisciplinary mind set.


Programming helps to define just what the client needs. This phase provides a basis to make informed decisions regarding the requirements and projected needs.

Commercial Design

FMA has developed cost control procedures for the design of buildings that have led the firm to be well-respected within the construction industry.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability has been a core value at FMA. We understand that the built and natural environments are intertwined pieces of the same ecosystem.

International Architecture, Planning and Interior Design Firm

The firm maintains fully staffed offices in Lagos, Abuja, Gaborone (Bostwana) and Pretoria (South Africa). All FMA offices collaborate and share resources as necessary to expand each team’s expertise and capacity. We also collaborate with international firms in the U.S.A, UK, Canada, Spain, and South Africa to implement highly complex projects.
Our expertise incorporates cost effective and contextually responsive designs for government agencies, universites. and private commercial operations, and our two Nigeria offices comprise 42 staff members. Since inception, We have completed a variety of projects including housing, shopping centres, office buildings, factories, mobile communications switch centres, hotels and educational facilities at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

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Our Clients