Luxury Apartment on Bourdillon Ikoyi

LocationIkoyi, Lagos. Nigeria
ClientPrivate Client


The development is a commercially viable luxury apartment block located on 20B Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi and comprises of 9 No. 3 bedroom dwelling units on four levels. All bedrooms are equipped with en-suite facilities and some with seat-out balcony areas. The 9 No. maids’ rooms are strategically located on the first floor with its dedicated entry. The property has an adult and a children’s swimming pool, partially tucked below the building, with a spacious deck area for poolside seating. The property’s gymnasium overlooks the poolside.

The property has CCTV, lifts and access control devices and is fitted with luxury fittings, appliances, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes. The utility area boasts of water treatment and sewage treatment plants, generators, transformer, a gatehouse, and facility manager’s office. There is adequate parking under the building on the ground floor.