Royal Exchange Assurance, Ikoyi

LocationIkoyi, Lagos. Nigeria
ClientRoyal Exchange Assurance
CategoryDesign Proposals


The brief which we were sent for this mixed use development was as such:

  • A conceptual design for a mixed-use development on a site located at 10 Bayo Kuku.
  • The proposed building must attract maximum income, be easily lettable and must make maximum use of the available space.
  • The proposed building must conform to planning/development regulations and must be environmentally friendly. It must also be easily adapted to change.
  • The proposed building must be forward-looking, have a low running/maintenance cost and must be easily upgraded.
  • The proposed building must have services backed up to the second level.

In our design response, we sought to: Maximise the utility of the site for both the developer and investors; To have a building that would be flexible with spaces and utilization; durable; adequately secured efficient and economical Building which would require little maintenance. A Building should take advantage of the pleasant surrounding views, and a building which would serve as a landmark.